Export track record to google latitude history

Started by pearpear, May 17, 2011, 17:46:33

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In a situation that some users may travel to other countries, and don't have data connection in the foreign countries, they would still use Locus to fix their position and record the track.

However, if they enable google latitude to keep the location history, the mobile won't upload the data when it's offline. Therefore, It will be great if these track record can be exported and insert to google latitude history, in order to fill the data in the period that the mobile don't have data connection.

I checked the google latitude api, it has a method to insert data, the doc said if the timestamp already exist in database, it would update the record, otherwise, it would insert a new record. I think it should not be a complex feature to implement, I hope the developer would consider my suggestion.

Thank you very much!!!