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Started by Alex2, May 12, 2011, 13:16:48

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Hello Menion,
I have noticed that you recently added an icon on the main map screen if guiding is turned on. I shows a static image (arrows pointing to a dot) which controls guiding when I touch it.
The previous tracking software I used to use has an ability to show a small arrow that points in a direction towards to next point in a route together with distance (and angle). It has basically the same behavior as the compass screen in Locus. The big advantage of this arrow is that it is not necessary to switch to compass screen during guiding or rotate the phone to harmonize map with terrain. The arrow always show to next point in the track therefore it is very to easy to decide which path to chose when I get a crossroad. Moreover the guiding arrow would occupy no additional space because the static guiding icon is shown during guiding anyway. :-)
Do you think that it would be possible to change the static image in the icon to something described above?
Thank you, Alex


I missed this idea, when I posted the "Geocaching radar". This would provide the same functionality. But the guiding button should be a bit larger for this purpose, else it will be hard for my weary eyes.



I think I'm just adding this arrow to my CMS for Locus...  ;)
Be patient... I still need some time for the CMS design. I hope that I can finish it until Menions next Locus release.  8-)


  exactly. I'll not add this into main application. I think that actual solution with guiding arrow (or just button on top), as well as with radar notice by stebu is not neede, but it will be possible to add arrow into Custom screen ...
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Hi all, it sounds good. Thank you. :-)