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Started by silvermapper, August 09, 2017, 19:59:17

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I was interested to read of the new online GraphHopper navigation facility in Locus Map version 3.25.0.  I continue to use the add-on, updating the routing data myself from time to time.  I had an issue with GraphHopper's Driving Directions  at that I use on my desktop: the one 'Foot' option took me along vehicular roads instead of footpaths, yet the GraphHopper add-on with Locus Map would direct me along the very footpaths I would choose to take.  I raised the issue on GraphHopper's own forum, without success.  Here is the difference: I choose 'Walk' with the new online GraphHopper and it takes me along vehicular roads; I choose 'Hike' and it takes me along footpaths, just as the add-on.  I am extremely pleased with that result.