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Started by ta-ka, June 07, 2017, 13:40:09

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I release an easy to use bash script to create custom icon pack for Locus Map. Based on a simple format definition file 'info.dat', it's possible to:
  - download icons from internet.
  - generate info.xml with favorite icon listing order and icon categories.
  - create custom icon zip archive.

Created icon pack is compatible with Locus Map 3.24.1 and later.

If you share your custom icon pack which may contain copyrighted icon images, just share definition file 'info.dat'. As it only contains icon image URLs, sharing it won't violate icon's terms of use. Users can download, pack and use icons on their responsibility.

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- http://docs.locusmap.eu/doku.php?id=manual:advanced:customization:icons
- http://help.locusmap.eu/topic/own-icon-pack-icons-divided-into-groups
- http://help.locusmap.eu/topic/custom-icon-listing-order-in-icon-chooser
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Google Earth Icons/Pins pack

1. Download 'google_earth_icons.dat' and 'google_earth_pins.dat'
2. Execute custom_icon_packer command
    % ./custom_icon_packer google_earth_icons.dat
    % ./custom_icon_packer google_earth_pins.dat
3. Copy created "Google Earth Icons.zip" and "Google Earth Pins.zip" to Locus/icons folder on your phone/tablet.
4. Have a fun!



Hi ta-ka,

Thanks for your reply at the help center.

What I want to do is to import my custom icon pack into Locus and have the icons sorted by categories. I have a .zip file with folders as categories.

I am not a programmer actually, so I didn't understand how your packer works. How can I generate a locus compatible .zip file with the correct info.xml using it?


Hi luxcalor,

Custom icon packer is a bash script. It means that you need Linux system (or similar) and have to work on command-line interface. Do you have working linux system with you?

If you use windows only, installing Ubuntu on top of Windows from Windows Store should be the easiest way to have linux system. Ubuntu is one of the popular Linux distribution and officially supported by microsoft since Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Try net search with the phrase 'How to Enable WSL in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update', you will find several installation instructions.

When you have got ubuntu working on your PC, I'll explain next step.