Refresh off cached map tiles / partial clear of map cache

Started by asam1818, May 03, 2011, 17:58:20

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I'm using Locus with the Open Street Map. And I'm actively working within the OSM project and by that I very often change something on the OSM where I'm actualy are.

First: By doing changes at the OSM I'm very much missing a possibility to refresh already cached map tiles. Same as I can download a map a I just want to refresh the already cached map tiles that are actualy vissible at the screen. So I can see the new OSM version of a map without deleting the whole map cache.

Second: I also want a possibility to partially delete a map cache. Not delete all maps. Just one type of map like 'only the google sattelite'.


ad 1. it was requested here a lot of time. I know I have to do but I still have no idea how to simply implement into app. So if you search, you'll find few similar requests
ad 2. just delete map file in Locus/mapsOnline directory
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