POI only loaded when needed

Started by jctmarques, May 02, 2011, 17:52:39

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I would be very happy when I see this in Locus:
In map mode, only the POIs that are to be shown should be loaded. It's too slow to use a category with some thousand POI's.
For Geocaching, I think it should have a quick filter system (maybe set in preferences), so I don't see already found, inactive and Waypoints.
Also when I deselect the category and select again, the filter was reset.


this request was here already before ... but I don't have simple solution for it. To only show data, it's pretty simple. But I need to filter them, to sort them, to enable just part, to delete part .. hmm for me, only simple solution is to have all data loaded at once. category with 1000 points is loading below 1 sec, so I personally do not see big problem with this. But I'll try to think about it ...
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