GPS deactivated + sidebar disappeared

Started by Alexander Hrncir, January 02, 2017, 12:45:44

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Alexander Hrncir

as the topic says...

i dont use locus often at the moment (since it is so cold), but sometimes the sidebar is (with the + to add more quick icons) is gone and simultanous the GPS is deactivated. for BOTH, the GPS and the sidebar I dont find options in the settings to turn it off or show the sidebar (or add more icons). thats a pretty bad combination, since I have the GPS turn on/off icon in the sidebar - it seems like this is the only way to turn gps on.....

please help


Hello Alexander
try a double click on map, so sidepanel should appeare again
or uncheck settings/Maps/Panels & buttons/right panel hiding
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I got the same problem - right side panel disappears sometimes and GPS in Locus switches off. To see the right panel again I need to get to settings -> maps -> buttons&panels -> set function panels. GPS need to be switched on manually too.


Hi guys,
as balloni wrote, check these settings if you wants to disable hiding of right part of functions panel.

About GPS: what means "disabled"? GPS should be disabled in Locus automatically only when Locus is minimized and GPS is not used (or Locus is completely closed). What exactly happen in your case, that GPS is turned off?
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