Geocaching4Locus - version 2.0.3

Started by Martin Sloup, May 02, 2011, 15:58:22

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Martin Sloup


Beta builds:

Version 2.1:
• Importing geocaches from bookmarks (PM feature)
• Support for new permission model in Android 6
• Bug fixes

If you want to join to a beta testing (you will receive the test versions automatically from Google Play), join to Google+ Geocaching4Locus community and follow instruction there.

Stable builds:

Version 2.0.3:
• Added Chinese (Taiwan) language
• Properly handling of access token expiration error
• Fixed a lot of critical bugs
• Send Feedback action attach logs to e-mail (Please prefer this way for contact us)

Version 2.0.2:
• Fixed not taking over of map center from Locus Map

Version 2.0.1:
• Fixed not working downloading logs

Version 2.0:
• Dropped support for Android 2.x and Android 3.x
• Less usage limitation for Basic Members (see Manual for more)
• Added downloading hints for Live map (must be enabled in setting)
• Added Send Feedback choice in Settings
• Added Chinese language
• Improved UI
• Bug fixes

Older changes...

You can download it from Google Play  (manual install, older or testing versions).

Website:, manual at

Source codes:

If you find a bug, please write here or contact me directly at

Geocaching4Locus is a Locus add-on allows you to download and import Geocaches directly from site. This is a helpful if you need to get information about Geocaches directly on the place. Also supports updating already stored Geocaches in Locus, Live map and many more.

Note for Geocaching Basic Members:
Basic members are limited to download full details of 3 Geocaches per 24 hours period. Searching nearest Geocaches functionality find only Traditional Geocaches (Importing specific Geocache from URL or from manually entered GC code is not limited). Also Basic members can not use Container size, difficulty and terrain filter. Premium members are not practically limited. For more information, see manual.   

I suggest to read manual first. You can found here:

Required permissions:
• Fine (GPS) location - need to get Coordinates from GPS (GPS is not required)
• Coarse (network-based) location - need to get Coordinates ranged using Wi-Fi or cellular network
• Full Internet access - for download Geocaching data

If you have some problems with this application, see manual at or ask on discussion forum
at Also you can ask me directly via e-mail:

Big thanks to translators:
• Chinese - ianian
• Czech - myself
• Danish - BlindVision, gliderpilot
• Dutch - wvb
• Finnish - ZeroOne
• French - Oiri, Papy42
• German - RedSpawn, TedQuinlan, gynta, balloni55, cthulhu
• Hungarian - Scylla
• Polish - Layio
• Portuguese - JCMarques
• Slovak - Scarry82, myself
• Slovenian - davidpanic1
• Spanish - chusgc
• Turkish - brktlny
• Ukrainian - andriykopanytsia

I am still finding volunteers, who would help me with lthe ocalizations to other languages. If you want participate, see project page on
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where can I get info on what this addon does, and how?


Tested and is promising.
For now only provides showing of 50 near geocaches. Would be great if it saves account info to get only unfound geocaches... and 50 at a time (next 50,etc)
Would be awesome if it retrieves geocache descriptions, hint and logs.
I'm very happy to see this first step in online geocaching with Locus.


WOW, the first step looking good:-)
Searching is very fast. When you add support for filtering, description, hint, link to online page, application will be perfect.
Good job:-)


Well, I'm not an active Geocacher...
But I like the addon :D

Cheers, berkley
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Martin Sloup

Currently it's not possible to send complete listing to Locus but I am working on it with menion.
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I tried this addon while my daily running. First it seems to working great. Then I had the problem that the addon don't take my actual position to download caches. The addon takes a position about 4 km away from my actual position. There are more then 500 caches in a 5 km radius. So I get the wrong caches. :-(

1. It would be nice, if the addon just print out the acual position it takes while doing the download. So it is more easy to check some strange behaivor.

2. It would be nice, if it would be at least the actual position.


Hi Arcao, I've just installed/upgraded to the newest version from the Android Market and can't figure out how to call the add on from the regular Locus Pro app. If I long tap the screen on an offline map, I get an address displayed for that particular place (via online services that Locus is connectiong to) and that's it. If I tap the address "popup box", I get a next window though, but there is nothing but the default Locus menus and "commands". Nothing about the Display nearest 50 caches.

Can you let me know, please what I'm  doing wrong?  ;)

EDIT: Locus 1.7.2


support for this is not yet in market Locus. Wait for next Locus update (probably during next few days ...)
- Official help (ideas, questions, problems):
- Advanced topics, sharing of knowledges: you're here!
- LM 4 Beta download, LM 4 Release download


Hi Menion, thanks for the quick reply. So I'll wait for the next release... :-)

Martin Sloup

Call Geocaching4Locus directly from Locus is possible since Locus ver. 1.7.3. Tap on map in Locus then tap on button with address and use the right icon with tooth wheels. There is shortcut to call G4L with selected location.
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I agree to everything!

Martin Sloup

Hello my friends! After long time we have a new version of Geocaching4Locus addon. But it is still a beta version. As you see GUI is not final yet. Please look at first post and try the test version (probably it is necessary to uninstall a previous version). Don't forget to write your opinion. :)

Edit: In G4L dialog, press menu to show preferences. :)
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Leeds Tyke

I can't get it to ignore my found caches, otherwise it looks good. Thanks.


FANTASTIC addon. It took a while to find where to add in my GC login details but it works brilliantly showing only caches I haven't found or own. The fact that complete listing selection gives browser or other apps (such as the GC one) means you really don't need the download each listing which would probably hit the GC site a bit much and take much longer. Well done. 5 stars well earned in the market. The only slight improvement I can think of at this stage is that it would be good to have access to the addon from somewhere more convenient.