Different themes for different maps?

Started by stebu, November 13, 2016, 00:07:16

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Hi! Long time, no see :)
I tried to find the answer to my problem, but couldn't.

So the problem is that I have an OSM map of Finland, and the "Voluntary Hike UK" theme works fine with it. Then I got a very detailed map of Finland (http://kartat.hylly.org/), but it requires the use of a different theme.

I moved the new map into a new folder, but still when I select a theme, it is used on both maps, and they are not compatible :(

So how can I choose one theme for an OSM map and a different theme for this new map?

TIA, stebu
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I'm afraid you have to change themes manually as themes are not associated with particular maps.
Voluntary and Velocity themes - https://voluntary.nichesite.org


Hello stebu,
as john's post is correct.
To be true, I'm not sure how useful this method is as your use-case seems to me quite rare (two types of maps, that have own incompatible theme and that you needs to switch often ... ). We will see interest in your topic on help desk, but expect negative response, at least from me. Thanks for understanding.
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thank you for this hint.

If you donĀ“t have already, you should install the peruskartta.zip and tiekartta.zip as themes too for this map.

Regards J.


@ Menion, ok let's wait
@ Jusc, I haven't tried Tiekartta (Road map), it might help. The root of my problems is the ancient Xcover 2, which struggles with this map, when I zoom out far. Therefore I like to use the less demanding OSM based map.
Maybe Santa will help me :)


Does anyone speak Finnish language?
I want to contact somebody of this website (http://kartat.hylly.org/),

Thanks in advance
Regards J.


Very most Finnish people are said to speak English very well.