"Auto nearest Mode" when driving a car

Started by Matthy_47, April 22, 2011, 11:48:59

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Dear menion,

after all those great improvements you made and still make on recording and guiding on tracks, I have an other whish....
Could you implement a selectable "auto nearest point" mode (in settings??) , so when driving a car you do not have to select the nearest point, when you come back to track again? For hiking it is perfect today! But if you drive a car, this would help, to look at the traffic ;-)

Thanks al lot


retrigger ;-)


Hi, this is my first comment so I'll start by saying that Locus is really by far the best tracking/routing app I've seen and used. And now about this request, I would also like this when hiking or cycling, sometimes I create routes myself and they are not perfect, so sometimes I'm off route for a while but I get back to the route; in those cases I would like Locus to automatically select the nearest next point on the route. I used another very good app on my former phone, a windows mobile one, which was named Tracky (www.trackthisout.com); this app by default selected the nearest next point on a track which I really liked.


..... And this one, please.....


guys, I discovered this old topic. Auto-nearest mode (without possibility to disable) is now in testing in last Locus versions ... so check it there
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