1.5.2 not saving settings problem

Started by userloser, April 20, 2011, 19:08:01

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Since my second upgrade today, I cannot make Locus Pro save settings.

Here is what I did:

1. Some days ago, I upgraded to 1.5.2 without reading the notice. Some maps went missing.
2. Yesterday, I uninstalled 1.5.2 and restored 1.5.1 from backup via ADB.
3. This worked for awhile, until I suddenly got a "Your application isn't licensed" error.
4. Subsequently, I installed a custom provider.xml and upgraded to 1.5.2 from the market.
5. The "Your app isn't licensed" error disappeared, but Locus pro doesn't save any settings now.
6. Uninstalling and reinstalling or downgrading the app doesn't fix the problem.

Every time I restart it, I get the "Basic info" screen, the app starts with the default settings, and I have to redo all my preferences (e.g. full screen, tracking distances, GPS preferences, etc.) by hand. I assume this is a permissions problem resulting from the multiple installs/uninstalls - any ideas where to start looking to fix it?



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Common problem on SGS 2.2.1 :D
Search before posting!!!
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thanks, I fixed it already the "hard" way, with chmod. i'll see if your link has a better solution.