Protokoll of BT4 Speed & Cadence Sensor

Started by kech61, April 12, 2016, 13:51:59

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I want to use the Dashboard to display Battery Voltage and aktual Current of an EBike.
In the Bluetooth manager there is a Speed & Cadence Sensor defined.

So my Question is how to fake a Speed & Cadence Sensor using an  Atmel ATTiny + a Bluetooth4 Serial Module.
Does anyone know the protokoll such a sensor is using (probably serial??) and the sequences that have to be provided?

Best regards/ Grüsse


Hello Christian,

I'm quite worried that this question is too complicated for most of human being here, at least for me :).

Bluetooth 4 communication is based on system of "Services" that offer some "Characterictics" ( ). As a developer, I'm able to iterate over all services and it's characteristics and read a data from there. So question here is, if your combination of eBike and some Atmel + Module tools is able to broadcast some data with standard some characteristics, I may then  (in Locus) read and display?

Just please keep in mind, I'm not a BT expert, it's just tiny knowledge I've learned during developing.
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Hi Menion,

I managed to emulate a Zephyr HRM-Belt by an ATTiny45/HC-06 and display the Cell-Voltage, instead of HR.
Not "That" big deal, the Zephyr uses plain serial as protocol.

So a heartrate of 39 is a cellvoltage of 3,9V :-)

Best regards/ Grüsse