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Started by richard20260, April 15, 2011, 18:09:07

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I am using v1.5.1 which i have installed today. I have looked at the screenshots and follow it but when I have selected a POI it comes up with the box the same I click the bottom right icon and select navigate and it starts Google Navigation which is not available for my area, it appears from the screenshots that it should remain within Locus when selecting Navigation. Can you please confirm that this is so and if so what I can do to get it to compute the route in Locus.
Thanks in advance


Hi Richard,
  nono, behavior of app is correct on your phone. it just start google navigation and if is not available, it should start google maps. Compute directions in Locus is also available but little bit complicated. Start draw track manually (from menu -> tools) and after you draw two points, press middle "directions" button, which allow you compute what you need. But do not expect navigation like you know from navigation software like TomTom :)
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I am new with the GPS using. I downloaded the software, also was successful with downloading maps, I know how to switch it to offline usage, but I have no idea how to navigate myself to some specific location. I saved some POI, but I don't know how to make the program to see some line which I have to follow.
I was searching here in the forum and also on the web, but no chance, could you please post here some link or a short manual how to start navigating?
Thank you.