Map autoload, when leaving current map

Started by Lindwurm, April 15, 2011, 13:48:49

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sorry my English
Excellent app !

Map autoload, when leaving current map, or when a more detailed map is found in current position.
Is that possible ? Alias Oruxmaps ?

Thank you


Somewhere on another forum I found that if I place some offline map files in one directory Locus show this set as one map :idea:
If so I did not need this feature..
Why this is not described in FAQ or somewhere on this site?


All maps are in same folder and it does not woeks.

This option really miss !!

As Pathaway on Palm it would be great :
1) to load new map if out of the first
In that way it is possible to create a map and then create a new map just beside the 1st and that's it

2) to know which maps are "ready" under the cursor to change to it
In that way you can creat maps in different providers and different zoom and just ask which maps you have to change to it.

I hope you understand my bad english.

PS: here a small drawing to explain the point 2


Like Oruxmaps can do.