[S]Theme for Offroad Motorcycle riding

Started by caymann, November 25, 2015, 01:36:31

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I was wondering if there is a theme for Offroad Motorcycle riding?
Basically, i would like to see...

1. Gravel roads(or any offroad) vs Asphalt road
2. Contour lines (for increasing or decreasing altitude)



I think, there is no theme for this,
As far as I know only the OpenAndroMaps can show the difference between asphalt and raw underground.
Can you show a region, that I can use for some tests?
Regards J.


OpenAndroMaps with Elevate - Cycling style is IMHO very usable even for off-road motorbikes, as surface qualities and MTB rating are considered. Similar is possible even  in OSMAnd, which is profiled rather to road navigation than to outdoor.