Deleted Track Ghost

Started by lutherrp, September 28, 2015, 22:08:04

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Hello to all,
If I create a track (manually using "Data, Add New, Add new route & measure") and then later delete it, the track doesn't get erased until I shut Locus down and restart.
Sometimes. In fact, there is a recorded track that is displayed on the map that isn't in "My Track" or "Recorded". ?
Any Ideas?

v 3.12.0



please post a screenshot of map with the track and one screenshot of your track menu.
All track folders (my track, Recorded etc.) should have a red 0 (zero) as first digit.
Regards J.


Thank you for the help. But, I finally figured it out. The ghost track was actually a current navigation route that had not ended. However, it was a blue line just like the tracks. I think I will try to change the color of one or the other.


Hi guys,

hm interesting. There should not remain any track that is not directly wanted. Are you able to simulate a steps that create a track on map that is this "not wanted"? If you write me exact steps, I'll try to reproduce same problem on my device and fix this problem.
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