End of life for Andromaps_## Themes, use Elevate instead

Started by kech61, September 18, 2015, 17:06:14

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As you probably know the themes for the OpenAndroMaps are maintained by Tobias since 2013. He

  • created and constantly improved the Elevate / Elements Themes,
  • created variants for different Display resolutions
  • added the layer feature which is, thanks to Menion, fully supported by the regular Version of Locus Map
  • redesigned all Icons
  • maintains map legend and description
  • aso..

I kept the Andromaps_## themes up to date as far it was possible.
However my resources are limited and the Elevate/Elements Theme is lightyears ahead of the Themes I started with so its time to announce the EOL of the Andromaps themes.
I encourage all users to switch to the themes of Tobias (in fact I, by myself use the Elevate). As I said - the Quality is far ahead of the old ones.
The Andromaps-Themes will stay part of the ziped maps for compatibility reasons, but - new map features will only be added to the Elevate/Elements.

What is the difference between Elevate and Elements:
- Elevate is designed for usual Maps in urban areas where Details appear in higher zoom levels for better overview
- Elements should be used in wider areas like north of Scandinavia, South America, Australia, Canada, Iceland, Russia, aso where its essential to have all Details in lower zoom levels.

For anyone who prefer the old Andromaps Themes: These will work with future Versions the OpenAndroMaps as long as no essential change in the structure of mapsforge will take place.

Place for download and direct install of the Elevate Themes:

German: http://www.openandromaps.org/kartenlegende/elevation-hike-theme
English: http://www.openandromaps.org/en/legend/elevate-mountain-hike-theme
Best regards/ GrĂ¼sse