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Started by suchuaato, April 10, 2011, 09:05:40

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Hi Menion,
thanks for the track updates in 1.4, I'm now running with the bought version only, and it works well.  
I have a couple small wishes for track and waypoint handling, that I think might make it easier,

    1) I find that to start guiding from the map display is a little difficult, (probably my fat fingers and the phone). Would it be possible to start this from the menus  ie.  
          1a) Maybe an extra button (or expand the compass button) on the right hand menu to start a guiding sub menu ( guide on,  guide off, guide forward, guide back, nearest point , guide to waypoint, guide by compass... ) sort of like the menu that pops up when you write a track manually.    
         1b) Maybe you could also add it as a couple of extra choices, for when you are starting it from the tracks manage display that now has a map option but could also include track forward and track back so that it can go straight to the map in guiding mode, sort of like you can now do for waypoints from your mange waypoint menus.
         1c ) in the compass guiding mode, add a menu option to guide to select a waypoint or track guide so that it cam also be started from the compass display directly

    2) I haven't thought about how to do this one, but a way to be able to create a track directly from the waypoints list not just from the map display,
   maybe just a simple create track by waypoint that just allows you to choose next waypoint, and loops until you are at the final waypoint

Regards Stuart


You can start guiding from the waypoint list by clicking on the left part of the line and select the guiding icon (#2 from the left)

Regarding 2) wish please see this thread: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=468


Thanks Marlar,
I was focused more on doing a similar thing for tracks, my bad writing, apologies
Regards Stuart