Augmented reality improvements

Started by arcticgps, April 10, 2011, 02:26:35

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First off, want to compliment you on an incredible app.

I really like that augmented reality is included with the app. Nice to switch between views top down and the augmented view. It would be really nice if altitude worked in augmented reality so if you were looking at a hillside you could visualize points. It may not be in their actual location but in a relative scale. I guess you would have to control the scale of your view, say 50m to 800m for a close hillside but more like 0 to 6000 if you were looking at points representing distance mountain peaks. I can make some pictures to show what I mean.

OK, that is the big idea. There are a couple of other things that would improve the AR view. A scale that shows the direction you are looking. Just rough N S E W would be good enough. Also if you are in a vehicle the compass does not work - if you are above 3 or 5 kph how about getting the direction from the GPS instead of the compass?

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What about show the track not only the points with AR?

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