Guiding by waypoints instead of tracks

Started by marlar, April 08, 2011, 16:50:28

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Hi Menion,

I am in Turkey and has tested Locus a bit before starting my real hike in 2-3 days. I have found that guiding by waypoints is not as well implemented as by tracks.

One problem is that you can apparently only guide to individual waypoints. The go to next point when within X meters function and related settings does not work. This is a problem since very often, routes are implemented as an ordered collection of waypoints. That applies eg. to the official gps routes of the Lycian Way I am about to walk. Instead you have to switch to next point manually.

Likewise, reverse guiding does not work.

There are probably several solutions. One is of course to simply enable the functions for waypoints too. In reality there is not much difference between a series of waypoints and a track except that the track points are interconnected with a colored line.

Another solution is a way to convert waypoints to tracks although it might not always be the best solution since waypoints are often just junctions and landmarks on the hiking route so drawing them as tracks will probably differ quite much from the real track or path you are walking.

Whatever the solution I think it should not be too difficult as the functions are already there for the tracks. And it would be a great enhancement of Locus because many routes are defined by waypoints and not tracks.



Are you aware of the fact that you can connect several waypoints together as a track with STRAIGHT lines between the points? I understand this is what you are asking for. On the track creation menu along the bottom: when you have selected all the waypoints you want to follow, tap the green confirmation button - not the button that creates a route between the last two waypoints. Locus now creates a track consisting of STRAIGHT lines between the waypoints. Now enable guiding to this track, and you get the guiding with automatic jumping to next waypoint as to pass the points within the Guiding/"Set next point" distance.This works perfectly! Isn't is what you want?


wait guys with discussion. I'll have big task for you. During a day I completely rewrote whole tracking system. I hope that this will bring me more flexible system for working with tracks and routes. So leave it for today and during sunday or monday I'll put here some testing version, which will really need to test, and a lot of tests. I want to fully working support for adding points during track recording, exporting tracks with segments and also with waypoints and also guiding along route as well as along track, so wait for a while.
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@Svartbjorn: I didn't know this feature and it actually works great but .... there are 619 waypoints! So something automatic is obviously needed :-)

@Menion: Sounds very good. I will probably start my hike on Tuesday. If you can make it before that I can test it thoroughly. If not, I will test when I come back to the town with WiFi access so I can download it.


Test version is available for download. I did some testing, and it looks solid!

About number of waypoints: if you create a track consisting of e.g. 5 waypoints, the track info says it has 5 waypoints. I do not understand the number you get.


I downloaded and imported a route consisting of 619 waypoints. So it would obviously be a burden to combine them manually to a track!

BTW, I am using the version you mention.