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Started by gynta, May 29, 2015, 00:39:26

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Well done!
Copying both serviceconfig.dat and foot_fast_rawtrack.dat to Computer\XT1039\Internal storage\brouter\modes in place of what was there previously, gives me the exact same blue route as you provided this morning.


As you wrote - well done.

Now you should try both offline sevices (GH and BR) for some trips/days.
Often GH has better "ideas" to route - sometimes u like BR routes.

And sorry for my word now:
I don't care about car navigation.
because my navtec onboard system works very good
and for me, Locus is a outdoor tool.

I reached my targed for now - BRouter is working for you


Goodbye and thankyou!  This exercise has taught me so much.


BRouter 1.3 has been announced in the German language version of this forum:
Quote from: Arndt (translated)I've uploaded the version 1.3 (only distribution-Zip, not on Google Play yet): [in English]

This is a purely technological update, it makes the data files considerably smaller, making the carsubset files unnecessary and improves memory footprint, thus preventing out-of-memory error.

This is only intended as an interim release, and version 1.4 will (hopefully) bring new functionally (voice hints?) and reappear on Google Play. But I will now first experience problems with the file format update in "friendly fire"

Gruss, Arndt

The data files are considerably smaller, with no need for a carsubset. They are stored in a directory "segments4" which is automatically created with a file "storageconfig.txt" that includes a value for "secondary_segment_dir" pointing to the old directory (segments3), so that is also found and the old data can be used. If you have customised the file locations, you will need to edit the new storageconfig.txt after running BRouter once.

My advice is to use the BRouter download manager to download new data files and then delete the old ones in segments3. Data files can be updated from the BRouter download manager when a new version is available.

It's working for me.

PS. I've made use of walking and cycling profiles from to select the profiles most close to my preferences and altered serviceconfig.dat accordingly.
Voluntary and Velocity themes -


Thanks for my profiles finding their customers...   :)



I have created a windows batch
( with mentioned prerequisities and comments inside )

to generate Brouter bicycle profiles ( some existing, some new )
from the latest  Trekking-poutnik.brf template.

The batch result is a ZIP/7z archive containing the generated profiles.

For convenience, the archives  are uploaded to the GitHub as well.

It should not be difficult fior the Linux users to modify the batch to be an equivalent Linux shell script,
as it uses  sed.exe and wget.exe utilities from Cygwin, together with 7z.exe




Interesting. Shouldn't be even better to run whole BRouter locally and not over web interface? Hmm I can imagine even a small web server running directly in Android as localhost. Anyway on PC for some planning tasks ...
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The Brouter-web above runs locally as a front-end over the local back-end BRouter.
1/ Brouter-web is for now intended for desktop browsers, support for mobile ones is in progress. Aside if that, resolution can be the issue for convenient use..
2/ BRouter-web uses online tile servers for OSM maps, it is not designed for full offline use.
3/ The main advantage I had in mind is ability to set the custom profiles as the "standard ones" in choices of the BRouter.

4/ As you have hinted, long routes may find the use for faster desktop CPUs.


BRouter v1.7

New feature: added turncost as start-direction bias (locus only)
Already in use in current Locus? Does Locus already provide start-direction to Brouter?


See the Arndt's notes in Deutsch >

What I have translated by Google is:

QuoteQuote from: balloni55 on Today at 15:23:23

QuoteI ask for a clear explanation added turn cost as start-direction bias (locus only) is best with an example 8)

Menion has built into the call interface two new parameters, which should be used to ensure that a dynamic re-calculation is more "forward" and is not already outdated at the moment it is displayed:

- noManveuverTime

Only this is not feasible at the time because it would require some of the structural changes that are necessary for turning restrictions.

But what I can do easily, I've done: I use the current start direction, and calculate the angle costs relative to this starting direction precisely, like any other angle, for the first step.

As a result, the point from which the forward solution wins is increased by "turncost / costfactor" meters so that in more cases, the forward solution is obtained at the first recalculation.

But as I said, just a light bias, no navi with artificial intelligence, which can guess what you're up to.


Important note- BRouter 1.4.8 has implemented turn restrictions, essential feature for car navigation.
The navigation RD5 data files need update if older than 24NOV2016.
In my understanding, car profiles do not need modification.
Reportedly tested by a german user on 5 turn restricted places in Berlin. See also the Germmen subforum.

    added turn restrictions (default for car, use considerTurnRestrictions=true for bike)
    fixed elevation interpolation in start/end segments
    fixed error message for very old data files
    removed sanity checks when just reading nogos from waypoint-database
    handling url encoded parameters
    locus codes 13/14 for u-turns left/right


Published new BRouter release 1.4.9  -  may not be in Google Play yet.

(current revision, 24.09.2017)

    tweaked distance calculation
    new car profiles, kinematic model based
    basic travel-time/energy support
    modular cost models
    lookup extensions (+conrcete:lanes/plate code-side-hack)
    fix for interface provided nogos
    access to way-context vars from node-context
    removed size limit for encoded tags


- Official help (ideas, questions, problems):
- Advanced topics, sharing of knowledges: you're here!
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Andrew Heard

Quote from: poutnikl on September 23, 2017, 18:02:23
Published new BRouter release 1.4.9  -  may not be in Google Play yet.
Wow - intriguing features, although I don't know what they mean. I don't see any discussion in the Google Group, not that there has been in past. So is there any blog post that discusses these features for general interest or does the budding profile author just examine the new BRouter profiles for clues? Does this imply current profiles (internal Locus BRouter and Libor's profiles) could be improved to take advantage of any of these new features?
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