Distance along a track

Started by anon1, April 03, 2011, 19:41:38

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  Is it possible to get the distance of a point on a track (say, selected using the center cross) from the start of the track? I want the distance _along_ the track, not the straight-line distance (which is what the guide-line seems to give me).

  I can approximate it by manually drawing a new track on top of the original track, ending the new track at the desired point, and then looking at track information (which gives me the total length of the track). However, this is very slow and unreliable...


Same question. I am just posting this to show that there are more people interested in it.

For example:
I have planned a tour with our bikes. There will be one question from my girls: How far is it until we are there? In that case I don't wanna create a new track to answer the question. The measurement over air gives shorter distance.


request done
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