Dashboard Data Fields

Started by unknown, February 21, 2015, 11:44:04

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i would like to add Data Fields from a standard Bluetooth Device to the Dashboard. It's called a Forumslader (5V/12V dynamo battery charger). I can interface it via bluetooth and get all the current battery / energy etc data fields.

Is there any place in the API for adding data fields to locus, that can be added to the dashboard overlays? Those values will have to be refreshed constantly in the background too. I want to display charging current, battery percentage along the speed, heartrate etc overlays.

Just a general direction on what is the way to go in locus would be very nice.

Thanks a lot


Hello "unknown",

unfortunately no such possibility even over API is not created and not even planned. Sorry.
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Damn. Thanks a lot. I guess i will have to go down the always floating on top overlay route. At least it will work with all apps that way as a bonus.

Keep up the nice work. Fantastic app.