warning - keep your eyes on the roadsigns.

Started by UKlocusfan, February 01, 2015, 19:05:05

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Hey all,
Just a little warning here that applies to all GPS navigation as I experienced something today within this awesome Locus Pro app that left me a little more attentive than normal.

Long story short, was navigating in Locus whilst driving (MapQuest setting) and suddenly realised that the next turning instruction was wrong.  In fact.... it was very wrong as it was trying to take me into the exit/off ramp of a UK motorway.  Now with traffic leaving the motorway at 70mph coming heading first at me in 2 lanes it would have been an extremely dangerous thing for me to have followed the navigation completely.  I knew the roads and knew straight away it was wrong, but just like most people who use sat nav, there have been many times I have not known the area and relied on the sat nav to some degree.  If this had happened on this occasion and despite there being 'no entry' signs on that turning, it could have gone quite wrong.

Now this is not a problem in Locus, but is a failing in the calculation of the route although I am a little surprised such a major error took place as I've never experienced anything in Sat Nav as bad as this throughout my whole time using various Sat Nav.

Yes, I once used TomTom and whilst on a straight motorway at 70mph it told me to turn left.  Completely silly.  Yes, I once , was directed down a road that was a cemetary and had no paths or roads wide enough for any 4 wheeled vehicle.... but this error in Sat Nav today made me want to just give a shout out to everyone as a reminder that although SatNav is amazing - keep your senses alive and use your eyes and ears for the road!