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Started by rkirmeier, April 01, 2011, 01:13:04

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First of all I must say what an awesome GPS app this is! At this point I have pretty much decided to sell my Garmin and water proof my HTC EVO because it works so good.

Ok, here is my wishlist...
1. Would like an option to set the color and width of tracks on import. Right now I need to basically change the system settings then import.
2. Option to change color or width of track from the map screen by highlighting then select menu -> edit.
3. Option to swap buttons from top and bottom to sides. In landscape you would have a lot more visible map if the buttons could be on the sides.
4. A way to share a waypoint and/or current cursor position with another copy of Locus via bluetooth or Wifi (preferred). I had originally requested this to work with a garmin but forget the garmin! :) In my case I would like to have my EVO mounted on my sled/motorcycle/etc and pull out my tablet to find a location then beam it to my EVO. Right now I use an EVO and a Nook. The Nook does not have GPS but I found client/server app called tetherGPS that allows the Nook to get the GPS info from the EVO over Wifi. It's pretty common to tether to a phone for data so I think doing this over wifi makes the most since. This would be a very cool feature!
5. Support for some type of vector maps (google?). I think it would be nice to be able to load up an entire state map for general use. Using the graphic maps requires too much data at all the zoom levels. Don't get me wrong if I could choose one or the other I would take the graphics maps in a heartbeat but I think the ability to load up vector maps to cover larger areas for daily use would be nice.
6. Would be nice to have some type of night mode for night driving.

Keep up the great work! Probably my favorite Android application!



Nice list ;)
Just wanted to tell you that point 4 is already there:
Go to: tools -> share -> map center -> enjoy

About point 6: When I use Locus or my phone at night and don't want to get blinded, i enable screen filter. This is a real nice tool, try it out!

Cheers, berkley
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Berkley, why is screen filter better than simply reducing the brightness? I have a widget for this so it is very easy.


You can use the screen dimmer app you like most. There are several quite good at the market. It's just because I like and use Screen Filter most.
One point is, because Screen Filter can set screen brightness below the built values in Android. The other point is the integration with locale and tasker.

But i guess, this is already a little bit off-topic. ;)
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