[RESOLVED]position not updated when using phone as external bluetooth gps

Started by rooman, October 30, 2014, 18:32:29

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I'm using my Motorola moto E as a bluetooth gps with either GPS over BT or BlueNMEA. Locus on my tablet  detects the external gps, shows the name of the device and gets a fix. Whe I move however, the position on the Locus map is not updated. The bluetooth connection is still valid and the coordinates on the gps device (moto E) have indeed changed: checked with GPS Status. I do not understand why the position is not updated in Locus.

I've tried reinitialising the gps data in GPS staus and rebooting all the apps concerned, when I restart Locus it re centralises the map on the first fix, I must hard reboot the tablet to have a new fix from the bluetooth gps!

What am I doing wrong?