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Started by wvmarle, October 09, 2014, 16:37:53

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In Locus I show always show the tracks I've walked/travelled by bike. On some places this can be quite cluttering, but I need to see them stil, because I evaluate new tracks in comparison to them. Have I visited that area before? So when i click on the Locus map at a low zoomlevel I already get a popop with many tracks. To my experience the tracklist isn't sorted on closest to clicked point. This makes it hard to select the right track.
I often use my stylus, and then it should be possible to skip the tracklist more often because of the click accuracy. It would be nice if the Locus did sort the most close tracks and would single click select if the closest track is lets say 2x closer than others without showing the popup. (Make it a config parameter). Otherwise a sorted popuplist could be shown.
If this works more optimal, then a long click could be used to select AND show extra options like edit and statistics.
I guess for real track editing, the track has to be brought in a different state, like how creating a route now is implemented. But that functionality might be improved as well. Now it's very hard to move a routepoint instead of creating a new one.

So to solve my issues I would prefer the following (internal)trackmodes:
Hidden, not shown.
Inactive, this mode could be set in itemlist. The track are visual only and don't react on clicks.
Normal, can be click selected or longclick selected with popup.
Selected this mode is visually different with direction indicators, maybe trackpoints also. With a long click a popup can be shown. One item is track editmode.
Edit mode: trackpoints are shown and can be moved and selected. A selected point is the base for the delete, delete all before/after. For me it would be nice to have a split option, which also connects the previous end and tail and thus opening the track on the splitpoint.