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Started by Christian, October 04, 2014, 12:32:58

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Hi guys,
This info is running through the internet. Seems that Google wants to conquer the desktops by an Add-on.
So it is still a beta and I guess authentication via Google play will not work up to now.
But I'm very interested in running Locus in a browser instead of a heavy installation of a virtual box to use it for planing tours.
So question is will @menion supports adapted APK? And if yes... when?


hmm nice surprise. Looks interesting, but from post is not clear what devs has to do to modify their apps. Let`s give it some time, and I`m sure, soon or later will be possible to run also a Locus. They write about problem with missing Google Services, which is fortunately not a problem here. Locus is also created that may completely run without any GPS or other sensors, so I see no general problem. So major problem will remain missing sync between Locus instances ... I know ...
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For adapting you need the ARChon Packager and twerk.
Good to know that you are interested also ;)
I will keep an eye on this development and hope for a smooth implementation of all needed modules.