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Started by urbie, September 04, 2014, 11:49:23

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Searched for a solution on the forum but could't find an appropiate solution for my problem.
I'm using LocusPro for years on different phones with full satisfaction.  Also on my current phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
However, after a recent update (from 4.2.1 to 4.4.2) LocusPro stopped functioning.  I removed the app and reloaded it from the market but i get a continuing error during installation.(error 24).  Locus Free however installs and is functioning flawless, even with the maps on ext sdcard.  Can you please give me a clue to solve the issue.  Thanks


Hmm, difficult to find out what the problem is...
Is your device rooted?
Which Android version is running?

You can try some of these things:
- Uninstall Locus Pro, restart your device, install again
- Go to your system settings for your apps, find Google Play and delete its cache (reboot device is also an option here)

Check XDA for information about error 24:
Search before posting!!!
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Hi again.

Thank you for the hint.  The XDA - article helped.   Going to Data / Data en erasing Menion/locus.......    solved the problem.