augmented reality and view direction only work sometimes

Started by joze, September 03, 2014, 22:56:46

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here's an annoying thing I observed with the augmented reality plugin (and it's also present when showing the view direction).
I used a recent Locus testing version on a Samsung Galaxy Note II (cynogenmod 11) because I wanted to use the offline poi database.

Sometimes the poi's don't show up at all in AR, even though plenty of poi's should be around. In fact they do show up as white dots in the radar but they're just not visible on the display if I move the display around. In fact the radar then shows the white dots, but the radar directs to 0° and doesn't move as I move around the phone. It seems that in this case some of the sensors (motion, compass?) just don't work or are somehow not recognized by Locus AR.

If this happens, showing the "view direction" doesn't work either, so both seem to be related.

This behavious appers randomly -- as a gut feeling less than in 1/3 of the cases I switch to AR or use the view direction.

I used CPU-Z to have a look at the sensors. Attached are two screenshots, one in which case Locus view direction didn't work (and apparently CPU-Z shows some missing sensor values) and on screenshot for a case where Locus view direction and AR worked -- and there CPU-Z shows that all sensors are present.

It seems that the missing sensors can be activated somehow by just switching on and the android automatic screen rotation feature. It seems that the actual setting is not important. So sensors might be missing both for fixed portrait mode or automatic mode, but if I then switch the setting, the sensors are present for a while and can be used in Locus.

did anybody observe similar problems?

any idea how to solve this? (is it maybe a setting or does Locus miss in switching on the sensors?)


Hello joze,

quite interesting. I'm worried it will be a problem in CM11 you use. Because there is nothing like "turn sensors on/off". Android applications just "register" itself in system with request to get fresh information from sensors. If at least one application is registered, Android automatically turn on sensors and start reading it's data. Seems this is not happen on your device.
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