Cartridge downloading&unlocking

Started by blue, March 27, 2011, 21:04:11

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the app is very good. The only thing I am missing is the possibility of downloading of the latest version of a cartridge from (downloading via Opera does not work).
After ending of the game it would be nice if WhereYouGo unlocks the cartridge on the website filling the unlocking code automatically.
With these two features, WhereYouGo would be the only software you need for wherigo.


hi, topic moved to whereyougo section

and i'll not do any hack to download and upload data to web page, so this will have to wait until groundspeak release some API for wherigo!
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Hi Menoin,

And downloading carts (from dropbox or wherever) directly into the whereyougo folder, would this be possible to make?
This would take out the step of manually moving carts from the downloadfolder to wheryougo folder; for some people this is difficult.



and her also a +1 :)

I really forget the whereyougo - path and I'm searching and searching ...


my problem is I finished the cache and not removed the unlock code to release the cartridge in
How can I get the code for the save game file?