Recommend a theme for minor roads in Locus

Started by Intrepid_Kiwi, June 25, 2014, 23:16:31

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Hi everyone,
I'm new to Locus, and new to this forum!  We're going travelling through Europe this year, and I have chosen to use Locus Pro as my main GPS tool.  I'm enjoying learning the different features.

I am using vector maps, and I am wondering if anyone knows of a theme that would show minor roads up more clearly than the default theme?  Ie, you can see minor roads when further zoomed out, than with the default theme.

If anyone knows of such a theme, can you kindly send me the link?

Much appreciated
Intrepid Kiwi



Quote from: Intrepid_Kiwi on June 25, 2014, 23:16:31
We're going travelling through Europe
good choice...

Quotehave chosen to use Locus Pro as my main GPS tool
...and another one :)

Quote...a theme that would show minor roads up more clearly than the default theme?  Ie, you can see minor roads when further zoomed out, than with the default theme.
phuu - very difficult to know what YOU really want.
So please give us some examples (screenshots, links,..)
or/and see at Online maps and tell us: "hey, searching for a theme, that look like this..."


Hi Gynta,

Thanks for your reply and welcome.

There's so much to learn about Locus - a journey in it's own right!  But I am enjoying it.

Your main question is quite hard to answer, as I haven't seen anything yet that is quite like what I'm looking for.

Maybe it will help if I try and describe what I'm trying to achieve in more detail:
We are touring around Europe and into the Middle East.  I love to take minor roads (we call them back roads in NZ), and avoid main roads and highways. 
When using the GPS while driving though, I like to be fairly zoomed out, so I can have a good view of where I should be heading for.
** That is to say, I don't drive with pre-planned exact routes, I make them up as I go by connecting the minor roads I see on the map, to my destination.
The problem is that when I zoom out too much, the minor roads either become too light to be visible from the drivers seat, or disappear altogether.

What I would love, is a map theme where the minor roads are bolder, or in some way more visible, so that when the map is zoomed out a bit, you can still see them.

I will still look for examples as suggested, and if I can find anything I will post it here.




Here are some themes you can download from this section of the forum:
VScale (slow on my phone)
Voluntary (mine, specifically designed to make roads clearer)
and Elevate from the OpenAndromaps pages (Elegant is the most suitable variant for driving)
Voluntary and Velocity themes -


Thanks John, I will give those themes a go


I updated the VScale_Pure theme to version 2 for better visible minor roads.
Regards J.


Awesome!  Thanks so much,
I started trying a couple of themes mentioned above yesterday.  I will try the new VScale theme, and then report back my findings
Thanks all for your help

Hi Jusc,
Very quickly, I have loaded the updated VScalePure theme - it looks great!  The minor roads are definitely clearest in that theme, and clearly visible at zoom level 13.

I will do some driving with it tonight, and report back

Hi all,
After some driving on the weekend, I can confirm the VScale Pure theme is really great for showing the minor roads clearly.  Thanks to Jusc for your updates.

Can I make a further suggestion though for refinement: The lowest zoom level I can see the minor roads is 13.  At that level, they still show as "double-lined" roads, which makes them clear to see, especially while driving.
However, it would be REALLY great if I could go one more zoom level out (12), and still see the same roads. 
Is it possible to make those roads a single solid line at that zoom level, so they can still be seen?


Displaying minor roads at zoom level 12 depends of map creation. The minor roads appear with original Locus maps at zoom level 13. So I can´t do anything with the theme.  But you can try maps from OpenAndroMaps ( They show the minor roads at zoom level 12. Maybe thats´s what your are loking for?

Btw. I´m still working on the theme, there are a few minor improvements to implement.

Regards J.


Quote from: Intrepid_Kiwi on July 01, 2014, 01:14:56...VScale Pure theme...
...Can I make a further suggestion though for refinement.

Maybe we can talk about VScale theme in the right topic ->

thank you


Thanks for the tip about OpenAndroMaps - I'll have a look.

I still like your theme as the preferred one :-)

(Any further discussion about the theme I will put in the right thread!)