Audio feedback ?

Started by Testi, June 22, 2014, 17:44:22

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one of the only reasons why I still have Runkeeper installed and don't use Locus for everything is because Runkeeper can be set to periodically say things like speed, total distance, etc. Is there a way to get Locus to do that ? Runkeeper kinda sucks compared to locus so I'd rather use Locus for jogging too.



I believe that there is no way to do that either. If you want that as a feature, then you should add it at :-)


yes, such feature do not exists and I agree it should be useful.

Anyway I though similar idea already exists on, but because searching there do not work perfectly (yet, hope), I'm unable to find it. If you also do not find such idea, feel free to create there a new one (or vote for probably similar idea here
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