Waypoints and tracks

Started by marlar, March 24, 2011, 12:57:43

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Hi Menion,

The new add point menu item in the right hand menu is great. Much easier to add waypoints now.

I have a few more wishes regarding points:

1. Could we have a current or default category? I have to choose category every time I add a point even though there all belong to the same category!

2. There is not a big difference between waypoints and tracks. Often a series of waypoints is used as a track. Eg. you can download tracks for the Lycian Way like that. Now for most use this is fine, but the new feature of downloading maps along tracks requires a real track, not a series of points. It would be useful to convert waypoints to tracks so you can download the appropriate tiles. Simply connect the points and you have a track :-)

3. A search funtion on the waypoint screen. Ideally it should work a an incremental filter: the more letters you enter, the fewer items on the list. And you have already a filter function, so this is an logical extension.



1. done

2. I suggest import your points into one category and then download map defined by these points or show them on map and then download along manually defined path (click on point and add it to definition)

3. I saw this request also. Looks nice but it's a little harder to do. So I'll do it but not sure about time ...
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1. Great!

2. Ok, I will try that :)

3. No problem, it is not a big problem since I can search from the main screen.