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Started by ysop, May 09, 2014, 15:53:12

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I have a QR code of type GEO with such a content: geo:51.45,7.0?q=Essen. I can scan this QR code with a Barcode Scanner and the scanner offers me to open a map. If I choose locus the app will start and the POI is shown.

Now I have two questions/problems:
1. unfortunately the string "Essen" is not imported by locus; would it be possible to import this string and to assign it to the name of the POI?
2. would it be possible to add the feature to scan QR codes of GEO type in locus?

Thank you




1. problem solved

2. I do not plan this feature. As you probably noticed, there is so much QR code readers out there, that there is no need for implementing of this feature into Locus.
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You can attach a qr code scanner to the right panel for quick access.
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thank you all for the fast support!