[identyfied] Wild battery usage

Started by Gammalerik, April 26, 2014, 11:08:58

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Recently I noticed from my battery stats page that Locus used over 80% of my battery. Worst of all, Locus was not even started and the phone was freshly rebooted with a full battery.

It turned out that having the proximity sensors active was the culprit. (The function to turn off the display by waving the hand in front of the phone). This service is always active on my HTC One regardless if Locus has been started or not.


very good observation!!! Thank you.

Seems that sensor was enabled in locus too early and not everytime was also destroyed. I added some kind of protection and improved a code a little bit, so now it will be enabled as long as main map screen will be in memory. I believe it will works as expected now. Thanks once more!
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