Better POI handlings needed

Started by marlar, March 21, 2011, 20:24:25

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I am soon going on vacation to Turkey where I want to hike on the Lycian Way, a world famous hiking route. When practicing for the hike, also in using Locus, I have realized that Locus really needs better POI handling as there are some serious problems in adding POIs.

First of all, it takes at least 4 clicks to make a POI. I will suggest eg. pressing the track ball will create a POI. Or it could be a button on the right panel, or a menu item etc.

Then, when you have created the POI, it does not get into focus. For example, I have a list with hundreds of POIs and after creating it, I have to find the POI down the list. It should instead be selected automatically, ready for editing etc.

Also, the POI is not visible (checked) by default. I have to find it down the list and check it to make it show up on the map. It should of course be visible by default.

Finally, it is for some funny reason not possible to search for POIs form the POI screen! Which makes it even harder to look up the POI you just created if there are many. I will suggest a speed search feature where the list is narrowed down while you enter more letters. So the more letters you enter, the lesser POIs on the list until there is only a few left - or none, if you enters the wrong letters of course.

Just ask me if you need more info :)


you've got point!

good idea. I'm giving them on on of top TODO ;)
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Sounds great!


i love your app too use it for work purposes, and load around 50,000 poi's i can understand why it takes a long time to import and load on map, but compared to my tomtom which is far quicker, because i think it will only load so many poi's at and zoomed out level and then fetch only the on screen ones when zoomed in.

Maybe you could inclued an aditional option to only load selected/ticked pois at a certain zoom level which could be set by user

p.s maybe you could have a look into my problem about the AR feature not working take a look at the thread i post in T&Q "augmented reality x10"
i can send you my log file just let me know how youd like me too, and which file it is.


Have 1000 waypoints. Acustic warning at the same time for all of my POI's up to 5km and flashing poi animation in map, if i drive on Highway. (Campingcar-Parking, Geocaches ...etc)  Alias TomTom Navigation ? Das wäre noch toll !! Habe das App trotzdem schon mal gekauft !  ;)

Nachtrag 28.04.11:   Danke !     (POI Alert – function that allow sound and visual alerting on nearest points around you.)

Viele Grüße


+1 for this to only load POI below a certain zoom level
Quote from: "tomtomxp"Maybe you could inclued an aditional option to only load selected/ticked pois at a certain zoom level which could be set by user.
For example see the Speed Cameras in this screenshot from Locus - you can make out the shape of England  from all the POI
There are a lot of speed cams in UK!



I'm starting to use locus for my field work and it gives me exactly what I need, with the exception of the waypoint/track management. I work a lot with categories and miss a lot options like multiple selection (which should be separted from marked) and comands to move those selected items as: delete them, move/copy them to other categories etc. I already would be very happy to have a small external application which allows such operations.
Alternatively, why not use the folder structure of kml/kmz files and allow defining them as categories during import?  This would allow us to arrange the waypoints in GoogleEarth, including the userdefined icons and just import into locus.

Nevertheless, thanks a lot for this great application