Master Config or how to handle different settings in themes

Started by Christian, January 21, 2014, 17:28:12

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Hi guys,
I'm still impressed of the bunch of functions in Locus especially the handling of the maps which i use for mountainbiking and hiking and impressing the Garmin-users. So i played around with different maps - preferred OpenAndroMaps - and the themes. I figured out the less information the theme has the better for me :)
So mostly i use the "outdoor" theme by bm.ffb. And i slightly customized it: bigger fonts, changed min-zoom... and i'm very satisfied with this. Because even on the big screen of a Galaxy note fonts could be bigger and with more contrast.

Unfortunately when i have to change the theme, all accustomed settings disappear and i have to use settings of the other theme. (or have to change each theme.xml also :(
So my question to the power users:
How do you handle the different themes and settings?
What about  a "master config file"? All settings stored in this (xml?) -file would overwrite the settings of the themes? Make it sense to have selected settings like names of towns, cities, suburban places, peaks a.s.o. to be equal in all used themes? Master settings should not contain more than 20 pieces, no settings for colors, no special icons...

This should be a discussions with the users and not a request to menion (yet).
I checked the theme configurator also but its a different song.

*When i close my eyes at night i can clearly see a GUI for this purpose but just now a config file would be great ;)


Hello Christian,
  seems that no body wants to discuss this.

  I understand your idea, but I'm not sure if this is possible to do. Because I'm sure, that everyone think that just this one tag is essential and should be in "base theme".

  Anyway understand. Locus should load base theme and then some theme with just "changes" and merge them together, like CSS styles. On second side, I'm not sure if this should worth the time needed to make this work. But as you wrote - this should be now just a discussion with users, not with me ;)
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I would also appreciate a feature Christian wishes. I use a openandromap theme and i modificated it a little to see small tracks and path better while riding MTB. Every time a new theme is published a have to implement my settings in the new theme. Trying different themes is also hard, because my changes are not used.