associated waypoints of a multicache are overwritten when refreshing

Started by mambofive, January 15, 2014, 07:47:55

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Multicaches often have waypoints where you have to compute the coordinates while doing the cache. These waypoints are created with coordinates N 0° 00.000 E 000° 00.000; I usually adapt the coordinates of these waypoints according to my findings when doing a multi.

When refreshing a cache (e.g. using geocaching4locus), the coordinates of these associated waypoints are overwritten and set back to N 0° E0°, no matter wether the "keep data while importing" setting in the geocaching section is set or not; whereas other information in the cache (like personal notes) is not overwritten.

IMHO the refresh should no touch these waypoints if the "keep data while importing" setting is set.
Refreshing should only
* add new logs,
* update the cache description and the status,
* change trackables in the cache and
* update the number of favorite points...


  I'm checking code, and exactly this is topic of this Czech post here ... I have marked this as solved, but as I see in code, there is one stupid mistake. Thank you for information, it will be solved in next version. If you find later some time to test this, it will be nice

  and thank you for precise report!
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