Altitude Chart(Profile) in ''Right Panel''

Started by locuscycling, January 01, 2014, 12:50:01

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I know here is a topic about implementation altitude chart in Dashboard  i also hope for it in the future.

Now we have for ex. possibility to see like this:

But to see this chart we have to make 3 clicks :first  on the point of the map , then click settings and last one ,,see chart''. 

I think it will be practical to have possibilitty to set ,,Altitude Chart '' in right panel.

''Altitude Chart''- I mean- we import or create  a route to Locus ( see it on map)
Then when travelling    just click on right panel ( Altitude Chart) and we know what is ahead and what we have done.

Even simple chart like in Garmin for ex. is sometimes quite useful
(green - what we have done , blue what's ahead):