Cachelisting - two blemishes

Started by balloni55, November 16, 2013, 19:33:23

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Hello menion,
the easyest way to implement an image to the cache listing is "upload image", so it is uploaded to GS and implemented as link in listing. An example you can see in one of my own caches .
See page source code GC4RJD2 line 587 and 589 also 983 "no print image.
1. depending on this structure the images are displayed twice in locus "listing/images"
2. the displayed imagesize is bigger than the devicescreen, so user have to scale down to see whole image. Is it possible to supress this behavior?
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  there seems to be problem in URL to images. Because they are different even they point on same image. Check this

  anyway this will be fixed in next version.

  About second point - content of "Images" tab is in this case in "Locus\data\geocaching\2\D\GC4RJD2\" and images.html file, so if you are skilled with HTML and have any suggestions to this generated file, I'll gladly improve it
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