GPX import/export bug

Started by axstet, November 02, 2013, 11:07:17

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Hi Menion,

sorry to bother you again with GPX stuff but there is still a bug in Locus leading to data loss.


I have a local geocache database and add a waypoint to a geocache. As prefix for this waypoint I choose "L0" because I know that Locus starts creating waypoints with prefixes from "L0" onwards. I export a GPX file from the database and import it to Locus. Everything is fine. Locus shows the geocache with its attached waypoint. I go outdoors and add multiple new waypoints while completing the geocache. Back at home I want to store the waypoints locally to have a full documentation in my database. I export a GPX file from Locus and import it in the database. And now here comes the bug... The very first waypoint I created locally is gone...

I had a look at the GPX file. It contains two waypoints with the prefix "L0" and therefore the same name. The one I created locally and the first waypoint Locus created. Locus does not make sure that the waypoint prefixes / names are unique what they should be.

Cheers, Axel


  please don't say sorry, if there is a problem, it's needed to fix ... in this case .. fixed ;) will work in next version. I have also added support for export attributes when I was working on GPX export
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