Wish for route leave guiding sound

Started by kai-t, March 15, 2011, 22:53:13

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Hi menion,

first of all i want to thank you for the greate software and your fantastic development.
I have a wish i wrote down in Troubles & Questions but i think it is better here, because it is a real wish from me and i think it would be helpful for others too.

Sure it's a nice to have but it would be very helpful for Biker, Walker, Tourer, ... and it would help to save battery.
I often do Skitours and i love Locus for this! Often you can get tracks as KML or GPX with the route from the Inet.
The guiding function works perfect but you have allways to look at the display. This on the one hand waste battery and on the other hand is not so easy in bright light conditions or when you are riding your bike or when you have gloves on skitours.
Normaly i have my device with Locus running in my pocket and a slight idea where to go. So it would be very helpfull to have a guiding sound for loosing tracks.

The best way i see is that the device beep when you loose / leave the track. Leaving the track should be adjustible by max distance to track.
So you know when you are loosing your track and can look where to go. If you are in the given distance to track everything is fine and nothing must beep.

Because you have no exact track / way in the backcountry and everything is coverd with snow it would be very nice to set such a Max Distance to track. You must not exactly follow the track but you also do not want to loose it at all.

I think such a distance feature is allready there for guiding. It would be fantastic it can be combined with the guiding sound.

Best regards and thank you very much for your great work!!!


same answer as here ... viewtopic.php?f=13&t=347
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Hi menion,

that are great news!
If you need help in testing or translation pass me a pm.
I would be very glad if I can help.

Thanks and best regards