creating Vectormaps for Locus Map

Started by ginkgobiloba, September 16, 2013, 11:49:06

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I bought locus maps pro to navigate in the field.

I would like to create my own vector maps, but it is tricky.

For example, in Global Mapper c14, I export a Map into SQlite-Format, but Locus Pro cannot find this file.

Is there a way (HowTo) to create own vector maps from Shape Files and export it to a Locus Maps friendly format?

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Is this that, what you are looking for?

And where did you place the sqllite map? Sounds as this map is a raster map. Than try to place it into Locus/maps folder.
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In addition to jusc:
The easiest way is to convert SHP file into KML format. This is useful for small SHP files.
Complex SHP files is possible to convert into vector format (mapsforge) but as you wrote's tricky.
Please follow "how to" on manual page: