Live tracking defaults

Started by szebenyib, September 04, 2013, 20:36:07

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I have a simple but useful wish: would it be possible to make Locus come with the live tracking service pre-configured for the site? I mean we would not have to enter the details that are here: I often changed the phone rom recently and I usually forgot to set this up and it was not possible while en route. But if everything were pre-filled (w/o the id of course - placeholder would mark its position) it would come handy.


Hi I understand your idea and agree it should be useful ...

but: configuration for live tracking is stored in Locus/data/config/ file, so it should remain even if you un-install Locus. You just need to keep this file (better - Locus directory) between your reinstallations
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I formatted after reinstall so as to free up space, avoid any conflict between stock / CM roms. Okay, it won't happen too often :)

But is it difficult to implement or the service should not be overloaded? Anyway no problem :)