Streamlining gpx import

Started by stebu, August 14, 2013, 22:32:00

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This is a minor wish, but it bothers me almost every day!

My current steps in downloading a large GPX file (e.g. 3000 Geocaches):
1. go to the download function and select a local file
2. Locus asks me "select SwedenF.gpx -- No/Yes. I answer Yes.
3. Locus starts analyzing the file for a few seconds, I forget whether it was Sweden, Norway or Lapland  :roll:
4. Locus prompts me to select a folder, I can't be sure (see 3)
I'd like to get rid of step 2, but that would make things worse (longer time to forget and possibly fatfingered a wrong file)
So here's my wish: if I tick in 2. "Don't ask again" then Locus has to tell me which file I chose in step 4.
For example:


better? :)
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That will do, thank you!