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Started by Gammalerik, July 20, 2013, 21:08:28

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Recently I had an experience with Locus that really saved me big time. I was paddling in my kayak on a longer trip of ca 26 km. The major challenge was a crossing of 7,5km over open sea. The day started quite nice with calm weather and ok weather reports.
But... about 1/4 into the crossing things changed drastically. It started to fog up very quickly and soon my visibility was reduced to no more than 200m in all directions. The fog was so dense that I could not even determine where the sun was, the light was totally flat. North could be east for all I knew...

The sea was quite calm so I was determined to carry on. But soon after, I entered the currents from the fjord to my starboard as the tide rushed out of it. -Things started to get a bit hairy now and I still had half that crossing left. Now I had zero visibility AND a bumpy ride. This could have been a disaster had it not been for Locus and the "course bearing line". By banking approx 20 deg offset into the currents so that the course bearing line ended up onto the mainland on the other side I was able to compensate for the drift from the tide's strong currents. And then I mean 100% compensate too. My tracking showed a way travelled as straight as a ruler and I landed exactly where I intended!

My thanks. Had it not been for Locus and Maptweaker (high quality offline maps for my local area -had no cell coverage), I probably would have ended up in the North Sea somewhere. -Made it home for dinner and a lesson richer :)




Very nice story. You should stop paddling a kayak and rather start with writing some drama books. Seems you'll be also good in it ;)
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