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Started by eldron, June 03, 2013, 21:30:28

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I mainly use locus pro for geocaching and i love the fact that i can mark a cache as found whilst on the go and later upload the fieldnotes and fill in the log on the geoaching website.
Locus used to delete the fieldnotes after uploading them (the box for that is ticked), but it doesn´t anymore. So after uploading the fieldnotes i need to delete them by hand. I am not complaining, as deleting them doesn´t take long, but I am just surprised, that this feature, which used to work just fine, doesn´t work anymore.
Locus and all plugins are all up-to-date.


I can reproduce with Locus And it's fixed in the next release. Try Testversion at viewtopic.php?f=25&t=3112&hilit=version
Greetings, Druki.


Thanks for your answer and the link. I´ll just wait for the official release, as it´s not a very important problem.
I continue to be amazed though, by the incredible support for this app, the extremely fast release of bugfixes and the evergrowing features that this app offers.