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Started by jusc, May 22, 2013, 20:15:09

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I was playing around with some other stuff, as I thought about hiking and cycling overlays for online maps like Outdooractive online maps.
So I extracted the cycle and hike routes from the volatile themes and put it together with another nice online map.
This is the result:
click on the screens for better view


You can believe me it´s much better looking in reality.  :mrgreen:
1. So extract the small overlay.zip into your _themes directory.
2. load an openandromap (vector map)
3. change the theme to Overlay-Hike p. e..  (you´ll get the second picture above)
4. load the outdooractive (online map) as overlay choose mode "Muliply" and at least 75%, better 100% for opacity. (3. picture)
5. Now you´ll have your Outdooractive map with hike routes form openstreetmap

btw. normally you would load the online map (outdooractive) first and the overlay (map) later, but my way descibred above is the better one.  ;)
Regards J.
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Great work, I was looking for something like this!
I tried to use a vector map as overlay instead of a raster map, but locus keeps telling me that I can only work with one vector map. Any idea why it's not possible to overlay one vector map with another one?

Cheers, Manfred


because Locus use external library for handling with vector maps and this library do not use two separate map files at once in this way. Also it should be quite a memory intensive task and even on your device, locus start to be quite unstable.

question here is, why you need to use two vector maps at once?
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I tried it because the Freizeikarte of fzk doesn't have cycle and hike routes. So I thought it could be easy to add these routes from another map (theme). 8-)
Regards J.


Dear Menion,

thanks for the clarification! I like the thought of having things like public transport routes and bike trails in form of a vector map to be able to lay them over any base map. As I predominantly use vector maps of whole countries as (storage-friendly) base maps, this would imply the need of overlaying two vector maps. Of course I can use raster maps with transarent background as overlay - as is possible with e.g. openptmap - but I find it irritating to load lots of tiles containing nothing but transparent background.

So I understand that overlaying two vector maps is not part of the current concept, so no need to hope for this feature? Are you aware of any alternative, like having cycle routes in form of points and tracks?

Best regards, Manfred