personal maps - rules for filenames

Started by germangeo, May 21, 2013, 15:01:04

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we are building a tool that shall be able to build offline tile packages out of some of our WMSes wich already have a tile cache. We tested it with locus and decided to take the mbtiles format for sqlite databases.
Exploring the locus manual therefore we saw that there ist a lack of information:link

Would somebody please add (in the above linked manual) that the files must have the suffix ".mbtiles".

Are there more things that have to be cosidered concerning the filenames?
Actually some of my *.mbtile files are not shown in locus' personal maps tab.

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  I'm now unable to find any description, if correct is "mbtile" or "mbtiles", anyway I rather added also support for "mbtile" into Locus, so it will work in next version
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